A DFW Community Effort with the Goal of

Enhancing STEM Learning through a Real World Use of 3D Printing

Thanks to the generosity of the teams at the Mark Cuban Foundation and Unique Software Development an immediate response was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 in DFW.

Through major efforts and investments from our partners and the global MAKER movement we helped to directly 3D print and distribute over:

  • 25,000+ Reusable Respirators
  • 220,000+ Respirator Filters
  • 2,500+ Reusable Face Shields
  • 300+ Ventilator PEEP Valves

Over one hundred new 3D printers were purchased and utilized to manufacture our PPE Respirators and Face Shields through the Spring and Summer of 2020.

After reconditioning and refurbishing the 3D printers over the last two months, we’re offering the machines as donations to DFW and North Texas schools to continue the STEM learning experience locally.

Each machine has been upgraded with new parts and can be expected to operate like-new and for several years to come.

Educators can apply for the grant here by supplying some basic information about your school, your intended use of the 3D printer and how you’ll encourage interest in STEM learning.

The Workshop by TBK Bank will be hosting morning and afternoon workshops in their brand new, 19,000 sf facility with expert technical training provided by the coaching staff and professional mentors and Robocats students who are 3D printing experts in their own right.

The Robocats also participated in a significant way in making and donating NIH-approved face shields to serve over 3,000 healthcare professionals and first responders across North Texas in various Baylor Hospitals, Care Flight units, senior communities, the Baylor Medical College in Houston, and as far away as Arkansas and New York. 

2020-2021 DFW 3D Printer Grant Application

GRant Application closes february 15th